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Future Plans!

Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous.

- Confucius, The Analects

Hopefully I can land a decent paying job as an engineer or developer in, preferably, the software industry. The game development industry intrigues me, but its also an infamously toxic so I would like to avoid it however I can. Also, just depending on what I decide in several months I may not even go into Software or Game Development, the details are still fuzzy. Regardless of what I choose, I hope to find a decent paying job, build up a bit of rapport in the industry and some capital and start my own business. I would like to eventually make games, but, knowing how toxic and awful the industry can be, at the very least I would take it on on the side.

The most important thing for me and my goals is that I can have the ability to buy and not rent a home, properly support a family, and still have the money to tinker with all the outdated hardware I want.