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My interests include old computer hardware and other tech, specificall playing around and tinkering with these old things, and photography! Did you know that in the 90s sony put together a digital camera that uses floppy disks instead of other digital storage mediums. This was called the Sony Digital Mavica it is an extention of the Mavica line which used a floppy disk like-analog storage medium and required a capture device or special drive and software of some sort to get the pictures which were actually just half second long flashes of video. The Digital Mavica is a bit less janky than that but it still aint no Sony Alpha, floppy disks can only hold so much information, it woudl be like trying to shoot a 4k motion picture using video CDs. did I mention I know like, way too much about outdated and otherwise dead media formats? I was born in 1998 but I know more about the history of betamax than some people who were actually around for the VHS and Betamax format wars.

Anyways yeah other than that, I like gaming, and particularly, retro game collecting, most recently I sunk a good amount into getting my hands on a refurbished and A/V modded Nintendo Family Computer, or Famicom for short with its disk system extention! Imagine playing an NES game such as Super Mario Bros. 2 (called SMB USA in Japan) on a yellow, nintendo branded propreitary floppy-disk like format. Very cool.

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Schindler's List Tetris Out of the Silent Planet
The Empire Strikes Back Mass Effect 2 Dune
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind A Link to the Past Black Art of Java Game Programming